January 21, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a No-Host Activity?

A "no-host" activity is where someone is organizing or inviting guests, but they are not "hosting" the activity and therefore not paying for it. An example would be a Saturday morning coffee get-together at a book store or restaurant. Someone is designated as the "host" (so to speak), but everyone buys their own coffee.

This is not to be confused with activities that are not set up or sponsored by TCS, i.e. all of our dancing venues. TCS members may or may not be in attendance. If there is not a name and phone number of a club member attached to the activity, then you are on your own.

As long as we are speaking of activities, please let the Planning Committee know and they will check into it and get it on the calendar. Also, you can always come up with an activity, present it to the committee and host it yourself. Try it, you’ll like it!!

How is the Term "Guest" Defined?

Quite simply, a guest is someone who is not a paying member of Tri-City Singles. There are many TCS-sponsored events where members may choose to bring a guest or 'date.' This is fine as long as the event itself is not subsidized by TCS funds. An example of a subsidized event is the annual 'Christmas' party. In the past, members have had their ticket costs reduced by $10, while non-member guests are asked to pay the full price of what the event actually costs TCS per person. Similar cost reductions are available for other events as well.

As a general rule of thumb, we allow potential members to attend three events as guests. After that, they must join as paying members. It is simply not fair for paying members to pay the additional costs for non-members. Also, once a member terminates membership, attending TCS events as a guest no longer applies.